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Nature conservation and environmental improvement are the precondition for human subsistence. Rational and sustainable exploitation of the nature is possible only if we respect its’ validity. Unfortunately, lately we are witness of many environment violations like uncontrolled building-out, unsuitable waste disposal, forest fires… Increasing of human population, dishonest and arrogant attitude of some (most) individuals towards nature resulted in endangered habitats for many autochthones. That led to decrease in density of some plant and animal species, even their extinction.

Unlike the permanent tendency for escalating needs for energy, raw materials and food, institutional and activist commitment for balance between humans and their natural environment became more expressed in last decades. Many ecological societies positively influenced on developing and rising awareness how to protect the nature on the local level and that decreased harmful treatments in industry and everyday life.

Ecological society "Čiopa" is the youngest member of ecological societies in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. We are founded in 20 th May 2003 and we have ten active members. In the first half-year we fulfilled some terms relevant for beginning of advised work. Society is officially registered 30 th May 2003 in Public administration service, State government office of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, register number 19000839.

"Čiopa" is unprofitable, non-governmental and out factional society. Main actions are protection of the nature and data acquisition throughout the County in relation to natural, cultural and historical values. Society is financed from the projects, donations and membership fees (smaller part).

Society members are people with different profession and maternal age but joint with same aspiration toward conservation of the nature and promotion of the natural and cultural heritage. We are all enthusiasts and acting only as volunteers. Any citizens of Croatia, as well as foreigners, are welcome to become the members of our society.

Although we are recently founded, "Čiopa" slowly acquires affection; society has its’ sympathizers, associated members and scientific associates.

Why "Čiopa"?

Common swift (Apus apus, Linne 1758) is very often summer bird in our region and believed to be one of Dubrovnik symbols. Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU - Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) from Bonn acclaimed common swift as the bird of 2003. That makes it 33 rd bird in the roll since that union acclaims rare and endangered species once a year.

Common swift is a remarkable flyer with exceptionally suitable body shape for life in the air where maintains most of the time finding food, mating, collecting nest material, and sometimes sleep while flying. Common swift is migratory species coming in this region in early April. He is faithful to his native area and comes to the same place where hatched. They are common in the Old City of Dubrovnik and recognizable for their cries that make special high-sounding scenery of the City.

They’re nesting in cliff’s fissures, holes in the walls or in the roofs of older buildings. Bistre body colour with white neck, body length 16-17 cm, wing-span 38-40 cm and weight around 35 g, lives approximately 7 years. Once a 21 years old common swift was caught as one of the oldest found. Common swifts can fly over 190 000 kilometres per year.

more details on common swift

More details on common swift, as well as why we named society "Čiopa" can be found here.

more details on common swift

Our main intention and desire was to do some dedicated actions and projects in solving huddled difficulties in domain of environmental protection and nature governance. Society was primarily founded to protect and improve natural biodiversity and landscape bases, as well as entire heritage of Dubrovnik and its region. Purpose of this ecological society is to carry over our efforts in environmental protection and to motivate other people to be aware of it.

Our goals are:
- activities in protecting and conserving the nature, biodiversity and environment
- promotion of natural values and environmental conservation
- encouraging scientific and professional work in area of environmental protection and conservation of nature

To achieve those goals we intent to:
- encourage and maintain activities regarding valuable environmental protection
- promote knowledge of environmental preservation to children and young people
- invoke ecological awareness in adults, specially those evolved in economics
- prepare and organize lectures, seminars, workshops and exhibitions
- organize activities in protection and quality improvement of environment on our own and in collaboration with other societies
- collaborate with other organizations and institutions working within natural and environmental protection

We are hoping to succeed in our intentions and justify our founding and make criterion for new, high-quality achievements. Our first step is project named "Meet and save loggerhead sea turtle" and by saving a single turtle we want to point out their current situation. The importance of this project is even bigger if we know that the sea and coastline are the main natural resources protected by law and constitution. City of Dubrovnik partly financially participates in this project.

loggerhead sea turtle

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